Friday, July 30, 2010

Excellent e-waste video

can be sen on vimeo here

Thursday, July 29, 2010


This is the first blog at my new site. Many, many thanks to the gifted artist who has designed the destination--Mila Sterling.

I had a manicure this week from the salon at the end of my street.

The woman who 'did' my nails complained of sore eyes from the chemicals used there; she explained that for recently-arrived VietNamese migrants such as her self, this was a good job, however. Unlike undertaking further education, it had a quick financial return.

She asked me whether I played guitar. I took this to be a comment on my nails being too long. No, she said, it's about your hair and earrings. 'You are a musician, in a band.'

The woman next to me was paying for her pedicure. She insisted on using a credit card for the bill and tipping with cash, to ensure the workers received their share. I applauded her for this. She turned to me and confided 'They live seven or eight to a room. They don't pay taxes but they use all our services. i know. I used to teach. They've got to learn about taxes. They're illegal.' With that, she was gone, leaving me stunned by this blend of workerism and bigotry.